luni, 6 februarie 2012

Interests ..

Come on, let's kick each other's asses before this ends. I'm not saying that I'll beat you up, just implying that you suck at throwing punches. You see, the last time I provoked you, the first thing that hit me wasn't your fist. It was that flower vase, you cowardly threw at me in an attempt to ...smash my brain, I think. Either way, I did manage to cut your fingers off. No hard feelings but it was kind of necessary for me to do that. And you know what? I composed a poem for you. I'll read it to your mother when she's going to identify your body at the morgue. But first, remember this. No one is going to miss your bloody presence. I know the type of person that you represent. Sometimes it's like I'm looking in the mirror. But that is when I realise you are just a mascot. Just a figure of what i used to love.. and now hate. And you're wondering why I'm killing you over and over again. Go ahead, scream for help. I'll actually help you do that, because I am a good person, and because I know how to make a signal fire, even though that will be of no use for you. No smoke is getting out of my head. I was sitting around the house the other day and thinking what you were going to wear that day. I was thinking of a white T-shirt but that meant a bloodless death, which we both know wouldn't be fun. Oh, I'm going to take guitar lessons just so I can annoy you from time to time. Congratulations, because of you I decided that my life had no point with no sound in it. The armchair is quite comfy but let's be honest, I'm not going to waste my life sitting in a lifeless, leather thing with four legs that resemble bones. I'd prefer listening to that shitty music on the radio. By the way I have to buy a new one, because the gray one I had... I think I lost it when I cleaned up my room. You my friend have a lot of blood in you. It's weird because you're just 6 ft 3. But fuck it. It is really amazing to chop your face off your skull with a knife. It actually requires a lot of skill. And a trained eye as well. It's like going to Tesco and buying shit without looking at their god damned high prices. Anyway, I'll go make some food for tomorrow. Last time we had fun, I woke up starving and craving for some toast bread. Man fuck you, you're jealous I look manlier than you do. That is what you get when you're wondering around in my head. I get to shape you in every way I want but don't think I'm taking advantage of that. Nope mister. You're usually a blend between me and the guy everyone expects me to be. That is why you die every time.

Don't forget to take the garbage out. It's beginning to fill up your front lawn. And think of an interesting way to stop your burn-down-the-neighbour's-house-because-I-want-some-barbecue-on-Sunday sessions.