marți, 27 decembrie 2011

A tale of ages..

Between the five realms I've conquered everything
Wishing that nothing had beaten harder than the lighting,
Promising the world to a disobedient comrade
Kissing the moon as the faithful scratchpad.
Rainy footsteps ignore the shallowly breath of air
In which the bravest have denied their death in pair
Pale, as in their coffins they lay,
Without anyone to make a last, meaningless pray.
Virtue is forever lost
In a land forgotten by the ages of crisscrossed
Words and feelings beaten with a hammer
By the same human beings
Improved, removed, and cut by a butcher
That is me, the last one to oppose
The mighty vibe that others accept to enclose
In their minds, a pill taken by force,
Is what betrays the drop you had ages ago
In a time of spaceapes and alien birth row.

Take your time and fade
Within the voices of the lesser jade
Forced in the eyes of my love, my love ..
Me and you, we're from different ancient tribes,
And now, we're both almost extinct.
Sometimes, you've got to stick to the ancient ways ..
Old school ways .. ..

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